Having left Speakers Corner, Hyde Park (see Emmanuel story) a walk through St James Park and across Westminster Bridge brought me to the South Bank on the River Thames. I walked down the steps from the bridge onto the embankment where I spotted Victor. What drew my attention to him was the fact that he was so immaculately turned out in a dark jacket with some elegant piping to the collar, white shirt matched with a white bow tie. I went up to him, did the usual introduction and having complimented on his appearance I asked to take his picture. The first frame was subsequently deleted because there was no eye contact. I managed to take three other shots before his friend arrived and who looked at me a bit quizzically. It was clear that they were off to dine somewhere and so I wrote my email address in a book Victor was holding and moved on.

A day or so later I received an email asking whether I would send him a copy of the images. I explained that I only had three, having deleted the first shot for the reasons mentioned and sent him what I had. The very next day he replied saying “Roy the images are terrific; what a wonderful gift you have. I am getting married and would you photograph my wedding

I gracefully declined but how wonderful is that!! A chap I had only met for no more than two minutes should ask me this. It is moments like this that remind me why I love photography, especially portraiture, and engaging with complete strangers.