Awaiting the Lady in Red

This image is a composition of three elements. The background was captured in an East London street close to Liverpool Street railway station. The picture of the man and the lady were both taken at Sherringham, Norfolk during one of their 40’s weekend.

This particular image had done well during the season in club competition and was selected for an inter-club competition against eight other clubs and was the first image to be shown of my clubs entries. As soon as it was presented the judge asked for it to be withdrawn saying that he did not want to comment upon the image at that juncture but would do so later and asked that it be shown last. All this caused a certain amount of bemusement amongst the audience.

At the end of the competition the image was again placed upon the light stand for the judge to comment, critique and score. It was at this point the reasoning behind his earlier comments became clear.

See this women” me said.”I know her ….she is my wife”. I did not know the judge that well at the time and had never met his wife Shirley. The fact that I had chosen to take her picture some eighty mile or so from where they live and then use it as part of a digital composite was pure coincidence, as was the fact that it should then be chosen to appear in an inter-club competition which Paul Radden happened to be judging.

I am pleased to say that it got top marks and I subsequently reprinted the image and gave it to Paul and Shirley as a gift. We have since got to know each other quite well and frequently laugh telling others this amusing story of coincedence.