Speakers Corner is situated in London’s Hyde Park, close to Oxford Street. It is a great place for people photography, especially on a Sunday when an eclectic mix each stand on their “soap box” and lecture about this and that. Not only do the speakers themselves make for interesting photographic matter but so do many of the spectators gathered to hear such oratory.

Emmanuel was one such person. Looking around the crowd I spotted Emmanuel standing off to one side with his scooter, the non-motorised push-with-one-foot type. I made the usual approach and asked to take his photograph. Initially he was a little wary, as is frequently the case, but he soon relaxed to such an extent that I was able to get him to move slightly in order to obtain a better background. Having taken a couple of shots I gave him my email address and moved on.

The very next day I received an email from Emmanuel asking whether I remembered him and if so could I please send him some images, which I did the following day. This was promptly followed by a reply from him to say how much he liked the photographs.

He then added that he was thinking of getting his hair cut and what did I think?

I found this question from one bloke to another quite humorous and lovely. To me it meant that I had really connected with him and his trust had been gained.

I replied saying No and that I liked it the way it was.

A magic moment!