Roy Essery MPAGB

I guess that subconsciously I have always been interested in photography but for many years I didn’t know it. Prior to 2003, holidays usually involved me eagerly taking lots of photographs which was then followed by much disappointment when the images came back from the printers. Although I didn’t realise it at the time I was a master of poor composition and completely devoid of the the necessary technical skill required to create a decent photograph. This situation began to change in 2003 when my wife Frances suggested I attend a Saturday morning digital photography course at a local school where the tutor encouraged me by saying that she thought I had a “good seeing eye”. When the course finished I joined Colchester Photographic Society and a little later The Ipswich and District Photographic Society; I remain a very active member of both to this very day and am in fact the current Chairman of Colchester P.S.

In 2008 I also became one of the founding members of The Suffolk Monochrome Group, whose interest is the promotion of the monochrome image via exhibitions and entry into national competitions.

In 2009 I applied for and was delighted to gain Distinction status with the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (DPAGB), which in 2016 was followed by my Masters (MPAGB), the highest distinction awarded by the PAGB. Many say that it is the most difficult award to achieve of any.

My photographic interest and style lies very much in the making of images having a strong pictorial bias, whether wholly created “in camera” or subsequently during the post capture digital process.

Any time that you are able to spend looking at my work is greatly appreciated, as is any subsequent contact that you may choose to make.